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Welcome to the Party!

We think it is about time we introduce ourselves in greater detail. Our friendship goes back to 2008 as ASU dorm roommates which has become our foundation to our thriving business as event planners and coordinators. …so sit back and pour yourself a glass of wine because we are about to give you a history lesson on the two queens that had a dream and worked hard to make it a reality.

Ok, we are not really going through every moment of our lives, but we still would like to give some background of who we are and how we got to where we are now.

My name is Kylee Mills. I am happily married for almost 7 years to my high school best friend, Niko. We have two girls, Mckenna (11) and Melanie (5) and two dogs, Jack and Rosco. By day, I am this generation’s Suzy Homemaker taking care of the family and home all while working a full time job as an administrator in education. I have always dreamed of being a wedding planner, but back in 2007 when it was time to choose a career path my dad said “Wedding planners will be one of the first jobs cut when the economy hits the fan.” Being young and naïve I took his advice and chose a career with the utmost respect and compensation (Please sense my sarcasm).

Then there is my partner in crime, Amanda Bailey (We just call her Bailey). Bailey also worked in education for most of her adult life working with special education students. She has a boyfriend, Bryan and they have two dogs, Trey and Capone and is literally obsessed with them (Yes, that includes Bryan). Bailey loved being a teacher, but she always had this entrepreneur bone in her body trying to find something she could call her own. Which is where she is at now. Her and Bryan moved into an old school RV and completely revamped every square inch of the place. This girl is the master behind the building, which has become a big part of her role in Ryann Rae Events.

Bailey and I have always been big into events. From the over-the-top theme parties in college to designing our own backyard style weddings, the attention was always in the little details. This is where our dream of becoming wedding planners started to surface. It didn’t take us long to jump on the idea and we quickly sprang into action with first deciding the name of our business. After a few wine nights, listening to Taylor Swift on my couch and trying to name our business after one of her songs with no luck (#Swifties) we chose the name Ryann Rae Events. These are the middle names of my two daughters, and it only made sense knowing that these two little girls were my heart and stole Bailey’s heart too being a part of their lives from the day they were born. It had a good ring to it, and an even better meaning behind it.

Here we are now, a year into the business and over a dozen events executed to perfection and over a dozen more booked. We finally found our niche and we are KILLING it!

Our blog is going to discuss the good, the bad, and some of the laugh out loud moments we have experienced so far building our business. We are going to discuss starting a business, event and wedding must-haves, and everything in between. As I like to say “Dreams really do come true!”

Stay tuned,

xoxo, K&B

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What a wonderful story! You two are gonna do big things, I know it!

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